Cat stuck in tree attracts crowds of tourists on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx


A three-year-old cat named Zucchero was stuck in a tree in front of the Arthur Avenue Retail Market Tuesday afternoon.

Leave the cat — take the cannoli.

Tourists on the Bronx’s Arthur Ave. took a break from enjoying espressos and fresh mozzarella to gawk at a tubby tabby stuck in a tree Tuesday afternoon.

At one point, crowds were so thick outside the Arthur Avenue Retail Market that the frightened feline appeared afraid to climb down.

The cat — a three-year-old male named Zucchero — lives a few doors down at Cerini Coffee & Gifts, a shop that sells espresso machines and beans in the borough’s “Little Italy” area.

“That’s his daily routine,” Johnny Cerini, co-owner of Cerini Coffee, tells the Daily News. “He goes up there once a day.”

Eventually, the cat clawed his way down the tree trunk, then jumped the rest of the way onto the sidewalk, where one of his owners was waiting to scoop him up and carry him back to the shop to the crowd’s applause.

The all-white kitty, whose named means “sugar” in Italian, doesn’t have a sweet tooth despite his name — and living on a block that draws tourists from around the world for top-notch cannolis and other imported Italian treats.

A man tries to coax down a cat named Zucchero from a tree in front of the Arthur Avenue Retail Market Tuesday afternoon.

(James Keivom/New York Daily News)

“He likes dry cat food,” Cerini said.

Zucchero is a constant draw for tourists in the area.

“He’s an attraction for sure,” Cerini said. “People know his name more than they know mine.”

Coincidentally, the cat made his climb on the same day that Mayor de Blasio stopped by the Retail Market as part of his week-long satellite office stay in the Bronx.

No word on whether the mayor or Zucchero drew the biggest crowds.